say hello: 707.363.8384 is a design studio based in Napa Valley with the skills and experience to assist you with all your creative needs, including: wine labels and packaging, logo design and branding, business collateral, winery collateral, invitations, catalogs, brochures, web design, social media marketing images, photography direction, magazine advertising and much more. We design visual identities that speak to your audience by articulating your brand culture, style, and philosophy. We look forward to being your partner in telling your story visually.

meet Traci Lane...

Traci is an artist and a designer with over 20 years of experience. With a background spanning across graphic and web design, event design and wine hospitality, Traci brings a well-rounded approach to all her projects. An avid “maker”, she enjoys applying her creative talents to not only graphic projects, but also other artistic pursuits including jewelry design, wool crafts, photography, floral arranging and interior design. Traci relocated to Napa Valley from Southern California more than 20 years ago to pursue a career in the wine industry. When she is not creating she can be found exploring Napa restaurants and wineries with her two Golden Retrievers, enhancing her culinary skills or absorbed in a great book.

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